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SolidWorks Concepts 1

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SolidWorksTutor will be releasing a new module on Concept designs with a focus on transport for students who wish to progress their knowledge of SolidWorks in the modelling of exciting designs. Watch out for this in the near future.

Quad Render 2Monocoque Render 1Monocoque Render 2Monocoque Render 3Motorbike render 2Monocoque Render 5Motorbike render 3Motorbike render 5Motorbike render 4Drone Render 5Drone Render 4Drone Render 1Drone Render 3Sports Car Final Render

SolidWorks Drive Ratchet 5 part assembly

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www.SOLIDWORKSTUTOR.COM is planning to produce a SolidWorks pdf tutorial on the modelling of a relatively basic 5 part assembly to include exploded views, drawing views and PhotoView360 renderings. This is a preview of the Drive Ratchet assembly. The modelling is relatively straightforward with emphasis on Design Intent with regard to the modelling and the assembly.

.Drive Ratchet Render 4

SolidWorks Models – Footballs

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SolidWorks Models – Footballs: These are the latest Football models  available with our  range of Surface Modelling Tutorials. With efficient design intent these models can be generated very quickly and accurately. Check out all our products on

Dodecahedron Soccer Ball Leather Football

SolidWorks pdf Tutorial – Milk Jug

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SolidWorks pdf Tutorial – Milk Jug: Learn how to model this milk jug using Surface Geometry in our next tutorial specialising on the use of Surface Geometry when modelling in SolidWorks. will take you step by step through the entire modelling process.

Milk Jug Render 2 Milk Jug Render 3

Learn SolidWorks – Boat Propeller

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Learn SolidWorks – Boat Propeller: Check out this boat propeller modelled by solidworkstutor as part of the up and coming tutorials on Surface Geometry. This model uses an interesting technique to generate the warped (anti-clastic) form of the blades.

Boat propeller Render 2 Boat propeller Render1

Learn SolidWorks – Tea Spoon

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Learn SolidWorks – Tea Spoon – This is the latest addition to the surfaces Tutorial range of products. The tea spoon is an interesting from to model especially the transition from the handle to the dished part of the spoon. A nice range of Surface Modelling skills involved.

Tea Spoon Render1 Tea Spoon Render2

SolidWorks Tutorial Model

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SolidWorks Tutorial Model – Surface Geometry:This dinner fork using surface geometry to model it will be part of the next set of tutorials on Surface Geometry. It is interesting to model and uses the Projected Curve feature to model the rib on the handle Plugins 4of the fork. Coming soon in tutorial format for those of you who wish to get a handle on this aspect of SolidWorks

Fork Render 1 Fork Render 3

Shin Guard Surface Geometry

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Just modelled this Shin Guard for inclusion in the next set of tutorials on Surface Modelling. The Shin Guard has saddle curvature and is an interesting form to model.

Shin Guard Render 2

SolidWorks pdf Tutorials – Beats Mixr Headphones

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SolidWorks pdf Tutorials – Beats Mixr Headphones: This is my latest model for the Music set of tutorials that I am currently working on. Borrowed these headphones from a student of mine for the weekend – thanks to Sean! Some interesting Hinge mates for the ear phones themselves as they can revolve (not too much) on two axes. Keep an eye out for the tutorial for this and the other music products.

Complete Beats Render 3 Treble background beats render Complete Beats Render 1Beats Render1

Beats Render6Beats Render3

SolidWorks PDF Tutorials

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SolidWorks PDF Tutorials – Sports Products: All of these products except for the Helmet are now available in tutorial format. Available on this site