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SolidWorks Copy Settings Wizard

SolidWorks Copy Settings Wizard

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A number of teachers have been querying how to maintain student SolidWorks interfaces so that Command managers etc. are as they should be. Students are constantly deleting or moving toolbars inadvertently and then raising their hands for help from the teacher.

A good way around this problem is to use the Copy Settings Wizard available with SolidWorks. While some teachers are familiar with this, many are not.

If not, simply do the following:

Set up one of your Solidworks work stations with all of the toolbars and tools you feel are necessary for your students. Close Solidworks and do the following:

Click the Start button and select’ All Programs’. Navigate to the Copy Settings Wizard 2015 as shown below. Click on this application and in the next dialog make sure ‘Save Settings’ is selected. Click ‘Next’, accept the defaults, Browse to where you want to save the Settings file to and  Finish.

Locate the file you have just created and put it on the CAD server so that students have access to it.

As a routine, get your students to access this file before starting up SolidWorks. They simply double click it to run the Wizard thereby restoring their settings to the settings you want them to have. They will be prompted to save the old settings, however this is not really  necessary. The Wizard can be run at any time when SolidWorks is not running to restore settings. This simple process that the students can do themselves will save you a lot of headaches and hand rising.

Copy Settings Wizard 1     Copy Settings Wizard 2

Copy Settings Wizard 3

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