Learn SolidWorks Rally Car Parts 1


The products to be modeled in this tutorial include an Alloy Wheel rim, a GTI Golf gear stick knob, a Son of a Gun bottle, two GTI Golf badges and a bonnet pin kit. Three of these products are assemblies with the full assembly process explained. For example the bonnet pin kit consists of four parts: a nut, bolt, spring clip and bracket.

As regards learning outcomes many of the features of SolidWorks are applied in these tutorials, among which are: Extrusions (boss and cuts), Sweeps (boss and cuts), Revolves (boss and cuts), Lofts (boss and cuts), Linear and Circular Patterning, Thread Cutting both male and female, use of Ribs, Dome and Shell, Reference Geometry, the Helix, the tapered Helix, Projected curves etc. There is much emphasis on Design Intent and the efficient use of SolidWorks. Sketch tools such as Convert Entities are used to great effect and many of the tutorials engage the learner in the proper use of splines. The learner is also exposed to the use of the 3D Sketch tool in the modelling of the Spring Clip.


Product Description

Learn SolidWorks Rally Car Parts 1 is part of the range of novelty tutorials for SolidWorkers who have completed at least Learn SolidWorks Module 1 or equivalent. The products to be modeled are real life products modeled to exacting dimensions. All of the models in this tutorial are related to Rally Cars. Each model is fully explained from start to finish as well as guidance in achieving quality renders using PhotoView 360. While the Tutorial graphics have been done on SolidWorks 2012/2013 there is no issue using a previous version other than the fact that PhotoView 360 is integrated into 2012/13. There may be some small differences in the capabilities of PhotoView 360 re lighting. As far as the modelling process is concerned there is no difference if you are using a previous version.

In all, this tutorial consists of 126 A4 pages in PDF format. All tutorials are in colour and of high printable quality. Every step in the modelling process is explained fully using the actual screen grabs of the modelling process. All Assemblies are fully explained from start to finish.

There are 5 Files in all to download (Two JPEGs and Three PDFs). These are immediately available after the Purchase is complete. You will also receive an email from where you can instantly download each file direct from your email editor. Total Download is approximately 32MB.


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