Learn SolidWorks Module 2


Learn SolidWorks Module 2 develops further the skills and knowledge gained in Module 1. It deals with processes and skills that would be considered Intermediate in terms of technicality. This is a natural stepping stone for anyone who has completed Module 1 or if you feel you are already ready for this level. There are 8 new artefacts to be modelled with full detailed explanations of the process in PDF format. A tutorial on PhotoView 360 is also included.

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Product Description

Learn SolidWorks Module 2 consists of 8 PDF documents detailing in full the process of modelling the 8 artefacts shown in the preview images & further builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in Module 1. The Billiard Balls develop further the use of Split Lines. The Measuring Jug makes use of the Swept Cut feature as well as the further development of Sweeps and Extrusions. The Micro-processor further develops the use of the Sweep and the use of the Linear Pattern feature as well as text engraving and Mirroring. The bulb involves cutting a thread using a Swept cut and the use of the Revolve feature. The Bolt involves the use of a Swept cut along a Helix as well as the ramping out of the thread at the bottom. The Bracelet involves the use of the Sweep and a Projected Curve. The key draws on skills associated with Lofts and the embossing of text. The Clothes Peg is an assembly of three parts and involves the creation of a coil spring. All exercises adopt an economical approach vis a vis Design Intent with excellent use made of Sketch Relations and the numerous Sketch tools available in SolidWorks. The use of the Convert Entities tool is highlighted and used to effect.

There are also tips and techniques outlined that you will find extremely useful in any modelling context. Material application and the use of appearances is explained in all modules. A tutorial on PhotoView 360 is also included.


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