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Leaving Cert DCG Assignment Tutorial

Leaving Cert DCG Assignment Tutorial

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This tutorial which in all contains over 150 pages of instructions teaches the students the following:

  • How to model two multi part assemblies (Ratchet Socket Wrench and a Study Lamp with telescopic extend-ability)  from start to finish. The modelling of all the parts is explained with screen grabs supporting every stage of the process. The assembly process deals with the use of Quick Mates as well as Advanced and Mechanical mates using the Mates property manager.
  • How to create All of the SolidWorks Outputs for the Leaving Cert. DCG Assignment to a Leaving Cert Higher Level A1 standard. These outputs include the Detailed Orthographic, Rendered Pictorial, Exploded View and the Photorealistic presentation. All Outputs are dealt with in every detail necessary leaving no questions unanswered. Both Part A and the Part B outputs are explained in detail.
  • How to get the absolute best from PhotoView 360 in terms of lighting, shadows, resolution, file type etc.
  • How to use PNG file outputs from SolidWorks to produce high resolution renders for the Rendered Pictorial presentations.
  • How to create Render Scenes using your own background photographs/images.
  • How to best dimension and detail the Detailed Orthographic presentations.
  • How to use Surface Geometry in the modelling of the Study Lamp, thereby expanding student knowledge and skills which they can use to effect in their own individual modelling.

Also included is a  A3 DCG Assignment Drawing Template (pre-formatted and ready for the students to simply put in their name and exam number) file with clear instructions for the teacher as to how to set it up on the system so that students access it through the New Document button in SolidWorks.

This tutorial is ideal for students preparing for the DCG Assignment in Transition Year and in 5th Year.  All screen grabs are taken from SolidWorks 2015/16.

The purchase of this product entitles a school to put it up on the server for student access and may be printed as often as is necessary for student use in the school and/or home use.

End View  Render 2 Rear View Render Front View Render 3 Plan View Render 2

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