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Learn SolidWorks – Sports Products

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Learn SolidWorks – Sports Products: The Sports Products tutorials are divided into Sports Products 1 and Sports Products 2. There are tutorials for all of the products shown here in the slideshown apart from the Hurling Helmet which would take up an entire tutorial in itself (perhaps later). 

Learn SolidWorks – Rally Car Parts

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Learn SolidWorks – Rally Car Parts: This Module takes you through the modelling of real car parts drawn to exacting dimensions. There are two modules, one dealing with various Rally Car parts (A basic Alloy wheel, VW Golf GTI Mk1 badges, GTI Golf gear stick knob, Son of a Gun bottle and a Bonnet Pin Kit) and the other with the modelling of a momo Rally car steering wheel & a Subaru Impreza 17 inch Alloy wheel with tyre and fully modeled valve assembly.