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Remote Control Two Part Box

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This is simply a remote control two part box modelled using Surface Geometry. Both parts fit precisely together. Lugs could also be included for screwing together. The box can be tailored to ones own needs re switches, LEDs etc. It is an ideal model for CAD CAM routering or 3D printing. A Tutorial for this together with screw lugs will be part of the next set of tutorials.

Remote Control Box Render 1 Remote Control Box Render 2

Shin Guard Surface Geometry

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Just modelled this Shin Guard for inclusion in the next set of tutorials on Surface Modelling. The Shin Guard has saddle curvature and is an interesting form to model.

Shin Guard Render 2

Soccer Ball – Football

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Soccer Ball – Football: The next module will involve artefacts where the modelling relies on the use of Surface Geometry. Some SolidWorkers are intimidated by Surface geometry. It is however, nothing to fear. Surface Geometry is an essential component of SolidWorks and opens up so many possibilities for the modeller. Keep an eye out for this tutorial. This soccer ball will form part of this set of tutorials. It’s geometry is very interesting consisting of a truncated icosahedron. It has 32 regular faces 12 of which are pentagonal. It is one of the Archimedean Solids.


SolidWorks pdf Tutorials – Advanced

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SolidWorks pdf Tutorials – Advanced Features: The renders below are the basis of the content for our next module (Module 4). They involve some of the more advanced features of SolidWorks including Surface modelling, working in the 3D Sketch environment and some advanced lofts and sweeps. The tutorials to follow will describe in full the modelling and the rendering processes for each of these household products.

CD Rack Render1 Marcel Breuer Cantilever Chair IKEA Shoe Horn Render 2 Saucepan Stand Render Ladle Render 1 Ladle Render 2 Twisted Fruit bowlCorkscrew with Wine and GlassCitrus Juicer Tutorial RenderCitrus Juicer Tutorial Render 2Marcel Breuer Cantilever Chair Final RenderLadle Kitchen renderSaucepan Stand Render 2IKEA Shoe Horn Render

SolidWorks Tutorial pdfs Beats and Bose

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SolidWorks Tutorial pdfs Beats and Bose: has released its tutorial on the modelling of the Beats Mixr headset and this Bose SoundDock XT docking unit. The images shown here are PhotoView360 renders of the docking unit modelled by SolidWorksTutor. Learn how to model these products in solidWorks at

Bose Render 3 Bose Render 8 Bose Render 7 Bose Render 6 Bose Render 5 Bose Render 4

SolidWorks pdf Tutorials – iPod Touch & X-mini

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SolidWorks pdf Tutorials – iPod Touch & X-mini:  A 125 Page tutorial on the complete modelling and PhotoView360 rendering of an iPod Touch and X-mini speaker is now available for purchase. With clear and concise explanations of the modelling process together with copious screen grabs the learner is guided through the modelling process with nothing left to chance. This tutorial is expertly presented in Pdf format available to you now. The learner is also expertly guided through the process of preparing the model for rendering using PhotoView360. Clear guidance is given on lighting and shadow manipulation, scene editing and perspective as well as the various options available for the rendering itself.

Four Jpeg files are also downloaded for use as sketch pictures, the Apple Logo itself and an Apple rendering background to be inserted into a render as a scene in itself.

Feature Image for Music Products 1 X mini Tutorial Version iPod Render 3 X-mini Top View

SolidWorks pdf Tutorials – Beats Mixr Headphones

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SolidWorks pdf Tutorials – Beats Mixr Headphones: This is my latest model for the Music set of tutorials that I am currently working on. Borrowed these headphones from a student of mine for the weekend – thanks to Sean! Some interesting Hinge mates for the ear phones themselves as they can revolve (not too much) on two axes. Keep an eye out for the tutorial for this and the other music products.

Complete Beats Render 3 Treble background beats render Complete Beats Render 1Beats Render1

Beats Render6Beats Render3

SolidWorks – Product Design

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SolidWorks – Product Design: If you wish to see the latest in innovation in product design then check out

Tuvie is a weblog dedicated to uncovering and sharing the best in concept and design from automotive and architectural design to concepts in technology and fashion. They feature cutting edge designs, innovative and futuristic, simple yet highly functional products.

Tuvie’s main goal is to provide you with daily inspiration and become a bridge between designer and investor/manufacturer. They provide a platform for young designers to get some recognition for their talents. Check out these products and others. The bicycle frame has been made using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering technology), an advanced form of 3D Printing.


SolidWorks – 3D Printing

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SolidWorks – 3D Printing: Check out this site for 3D printing. They will 3D print your own solid models with a variety of materials to choose from (up to 45 different materials/finishes). Design  your own products and have them realised for real.

Sculpteo image Materials

SolidWorks PDF Tutorials

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SolidWorks PDF Tutorials – Sports Products: All of these products except for the Helmet are now available in tutorial format. Available on this site