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SolidWorks Student Design Kit

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The SolidWorks Student Design Kit can be downloaded by going to the following link: You will need to have a school/college code in order to complete the download form and proceed with the download.

SolidWorks Motorbike


Polyhedra Modelled in SolidWorks

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These models are a Tetrahedron and a Cuboctahedron, both modelled in SolidWorks by SolidWorksTutor. The tetrahedron is the most rigid of all 3D polyhedra due to its triangulation. It is also the ‘Minimum System’ in that it uses only six edges and 4 faces to enclose space. The Cuboctahedron (also known by Richard Buckminster Fuller as the Dymaxion) may be produced by truncating a cube or indeed an octahedron. The regular cuboctahedron shown here has all edges equal in length and each face is either an equilateral triangle or a square. The distance from the centre of each node to the body centre of the cuboctahedron is the same as the edge lengths of the faces.

Bucky Fuller made significant use of polyhedra such as these in his many inventions, not least theGeodesic Dome.

TetrahedronCuboctahedronBucky FullerFuller-1

SolidWorks Drive Ratchet 5 part assembly

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www.SOLIDWORKSTUTOR.COM is planning to produce a SolidWorks pdf tutorial on the modelling of a relatively basic 5 part assembly to include exploded views, drawing views and PhotoView360 renderings. This is a preview of the Drive Ratchet assembly. The modelling is relatively straightforward with emphasis on Design Intent with regard to the modelling and the assembly.

.Drive Ratchet Render 4

SolidWorks Models – Footballs

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SolidWorks Models – Footballs: These are the latest Football models  available with our  range of Surface Modelling Tutorials. With efficient design intent these models can be generated very quickly and accurately. Check out all our products on

Dodecahedron Soccer Ball Leather Football

SolidWorks Modelling

Posted on SolidWorks Modelling has a range of tutorials available (average length of 125 A4 pages in colour pdf format) ranging from beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. Choose from our selection. If there is something specific you wish to model then let us know and we may include it in our next SolidWorks tutorial. Some of our currently available SolidWorks tutorials are shown below in feature image format. Our Surface Geometry tutorial will be out soon.

Beats Mixr & Bose SoundDock XT Feature Image X-mini & iOS7 ensemble Combined Render V3 Sports Products 3 Feature Image Feature Image Rally Car Tutorials Part 2 main image Module 3 combined render

SolidWorks pdf Tutorial – Milk Jug

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SolidWorks pdf Tutorial – Milk Jug: Learn how to model this milk jug using Surface Geometry in our next tutorial specialising on the use of Surface Geometry when modelling in SolidWorks. will take you step by step through the entire modelling process.

Milk Jug Render 2 Milk Jug Render 3

Learn SolidWorks – Boat Propeller

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Learn SolidWorks – Boat Propeller: Check out this boat propeller modelled by solidworkstutor as part of the up and coming tutorials on Surface Geometry. This model uses an interesting technique to generate the warped (anti-clastic) form of the blades.

Boat propeller Render 2 Boat propeller Render1

Learn SolidWorks – Tea Spoon

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Learn SolidWorks – Tea Spoon – This is the latest addition to the surfaces Tutorial range of products. The tea spoon is an interesting from to model especially the transition from the handle to the dished part of the spoon. A nice range of Surface Modelling skills involved.

Tea Spoon Render1 Tea Spoon Render2

Learn SolidWorks – Thai Soup Spoon

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Learn SolidWorks – Thai Soup Spoon: will teach you to model this soup spoon in the next module specializing in Surface Geometry. This model involves the use of the Projected Curve feature as well as the main Surface Geometry Geometry tools.

Asian Soup Spoon Render 2 Asian Soup Spoon

SolidWorks Tutorial Model

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SolidWorks Tutorial Model – Surface Geometry:This dinner fork using surface geometry to model it will be part of the next set of tutorials on Surface Geometry. It is interesting to model and uses the Projected Curve feature to model the rib on the handle Plugins 4of the fork. Coming soon in tutorial format for those of you who wish to get a handle on this aspect of SolidWorks

Fork Render 1 Fork Render 3