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SolidWorks Tutor Recumbent Bike

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This is the latest model from for which a tutorial is planned. It will be an intermediate to advanced tutorial with suface geometry modelling and mechanical assembly. A working belt drive is used to drive the rear wheel. A steering mechanism is also included. Look out for the tutorial in the coming month.

Finished Bike Render

SolidWorks Concepts 1

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SolidWorksTutor will be releasing a new module on Concept designs with a focus on transport for students who wish to progress their knowledge of SolidWorks in the modelling of exciting designs. Watch out for this in the near future.

Quad Render 2Monocoque Render 1Monocoque Render 2Monocoque Render 3Motorbike render 2Monocoque Render 5Motorbike render 3Motorbike render 5Motorbike render 4Drone Render 5Drone Render 4Drone Render 1Drone Render 3Sports Car Final Render

Wooden Toys Tutorials Released

Posted on has released its latest tutorial on the modelling of wooden toys/artefacts. There are 10 exercises in all with 90 pages of instruction. The exercises are graded so no previous knowledge is required.

Truck on Road Render Combined Render Elephant stand with iPod Touch BatMobile Bat Mobile Tutorial Model Rear View Bat Mobile Tutorial Model

SolidWorksTutor Wooden Toys Tutorials

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The next release (which is imminent) on will be tutorials for younger modellers (or any age group) on how to model exciting wooden toy designs. Full instruction is given with no previous knowledge required. Exercises are graded and numbered accordingly.

Desk Tidy RenderToy TruckSpinning Top RenderRace Car RenderPhone Stand RenderBoat RenderCarElephant Mobile Phone StandTruckTractor Wheel Hydraulic Pump

Posted on has just released this model of a working hydraulic pump ideal for student projects where a linear actuator is required. The pump is driven by an MFA ComoDrill gearbox. With the inclusion of oil (vegetable oil is quite satisfactory) in the system, considerable push and pull forces can be achieved. The large syringe is the master cylinder and is best driving a smaller syringe at the actuation end.

All of the SolidWorks Files for this model are available to purchase at a site license rate. The acrylic part drawings can be easily converted to DXF and machined or laser cut. The Gearbox model is also included in the package which is downloaded as a Zip file.Graphic 1Graphic 2

SolidWorks Mechanical Clock Tutorial

Posted on has released a new tutorial on Mechanical Assemblies with Motion Studies. Included in this is this Mechanical Clock which is accurately calibrated to read the time. Every instruction needed to model and operate this clock is included in the tutorial.

Clock Render 1 Gear Train Render 2

SolidWorks Tutor Scissor Lift Table

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This modelling of this scissor lift table will be part of our next tutorial which will focus on mechanical and kinematic assemblies. All mechanisms will be working mechanical assemblies mated so that the mechanisms work. The modelling of all parts will be described so that students can build the model from scratch. Motion Studies are also described as well as producing AVI files of the assemblies. Models such as this one are scaled so that they could be used for class projects in Technology/Engineering.

Scissor Table

Kinematic Mechanical Assemblies SolidWorks Tutor

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The next tutorial to be released by SOLIDWORKSTUTOR.COM will include instruction on how to create both sketch and solid based moving/kinematic mechanical assemblies. The process of creating Motion Studies among other exciting and useful processes will be described. Also to be included in this tutorial will be the full modelling (as well as animating) of a miniature hydraulic pump. Not only will this be a worthwhile modelling exercise but can be built and used by students where small hydraulic forces are required for scaled down modelling.

The graphic shows a sketch based kinematic mechanical assembly of a Robotic Gripper End Efector to be included in this next tutorial. More details later about a release date!

Robot Gripper Assembly PNG

SolidWorks Copy Settings Wizard

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A number of teachers have been querying how to maintain student SolidWorks interfaces so that Command managers etc. are as they should be. Students are constantly deleting or moving toolbars inadvertently and then raising their hands for help from the teacher.

A good way around this problem is to use the Copy Settings Wizard available with SolidWorks. While some teachers are familiar with this, many are not.

If not, simply do the following:

Set up one of your Solidworks work stations with all of the toolbars and tools you feel are necessary for your students. Close Solidworks and do the following:

Click the Start button and select’ All Programs’. Navigate to the Copy Settings Wizard 2015 as shown below. Click on this application and in the next dialog make sure ‘Save Settings’ is selected. Click ‘Next’, accept the defaults, Browse to where you want to save the Settings file to and  Finish.

Locate the file you have just created and put it on the CAD server so that students have access to it.

As a routine, get your students to access this file before starting up SolidWorks. They simply double click it to run the Wizard thereby restoring their settings to the settings you want them to have. They will be prompted to save the old settings, however this is not really  necessary. The Wizard can be run at any time when SolidWorks is not running to restore settings. This simple process that the students can do themselves will save you a lot of headaches and hand rising.

Copy Settings Wizard 1     Copy Settings Wizard 2

Copy Settings Wizard 3

Leaving Cert DCG Assignment Tutorial

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This tutorial which in all contains over 150 pages of instructions teaches the students the following:

  • How to model two multi part assemblies (Ratchet Socket Wrench and a Study Lamp with telescopic extend-ability)  from start to finish. The modelling of all the parts is explained with screen grabs supporting every stage of the process. The assembly process deals with the use of Quick Mates as well as Advanced and Mechanical mates using the Mates property manager.
  • How to create All of the SolidWorks Outputs for the Leaving Cert. DCG Assignment to a Leaving Cert Higher Level A1 standard. These outputs include the Detailed Orthographic, Rendered Pictorial, Exploded View and the Photorealistic presentation. All Outputs are dealt with in every detail necessary leaving no questions unanswered. Both Part A and the Part B outputs are explained in detail.
  • How to get the absolute best from PhotoView 360 in terms of lighting, shadows, resolution, file type etc.
  • How to use PNG file outputs from SolidWorks to produce high resolution renders for the Rendered Pictorial presentations.
  • How to create Render Scenes using your own background photographs/images.
  • How to best dimension and detail the Detailed Orthographic presentations.
  • How to use Surface Geometry in the modelling of the Study Lamp, thereby expanding student knowledge and skills which they can use to effect in their own individual modelling.

Also included is a  A3 DCG Assignment Drawing Template (pre-formatted and ready for the students to simply put in their name and exam number) file with clear instructions for the teacher as to how to set it up on the system so that students access it through the New Document button in SolidWorks.

This tutorial is ideal for students preparing for the DCG Assignment in Transition Year and in 5th Year.  All screen grabs are taken from SolidWorks 2015/16.

The purchase of this product entitles a school to put it up on the server for student access and may be printed as often as is necessary for student use in the school and/or home use.

End View  Render 2 Rear View Render Front View Render 3 Plan View Render 2